Update on Northern Silviculture Committee (NSC) 2020 Extension Activities

July 7, 2020

To: Members and Colleagues – Northern Silviculture Committee Society (NSC)

Dear NSC members,

I am writing this note to you today to update you on the NSC’s plans and considerations for your forestry and silviculture extension and education events for the balance of the 2020 year.

Since the NSC’s establishment in 1974, our mission and goal has always been, as a “non-partisan organization, to promote cooperation, understanding and improvement in the application of silvicultural practices at the field level”. The sharing of silvicultural knowledge and opportunities for ongoing professional networking are vital components of NSC events.  

The board of the NSC Society has met several times this Spring 2020 to discuss several strategic initiatives for the NSC, and also to discuss how the NSC may continue to deliver our silvicultural and forestry extension and education goals under the current limitations of Covid-19 and related public health measures in British Columbia. These limitations extend, of course, to the design and delivery of NSC events in 2020, and possibly beyond.

The NSC directors are unanimous in our view that although Covid-19 issues may change our means of extension and networking on silvicultural issues for the time being, we will pivot our delivery modules to meeting the continuing needs of NSC members for high-quality silvicultural information. And, as the saying goes “not forever, but for now”.

In this spirit, the NSC board, after much discussion, came to two key decisions:

1. We made a reluctant but realistic decision to cancel the traditional NSC summer/fall field tour for this year, to help do our part in maintaining the health of our colleagues and communities. But;
2. In place of the traditional NSC field tour, we are developing alternative silviculture education extension opportunities for NSC members for Fall 2020, via remote/web delivery, in collaboration with all of our various partner groups.

No decision has yet been made on the 2021 NSC Winter Conference. This will be considered later this calendar year as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the NSC and our collective goals through your attendance and participation in our various events over the years. We are working hard to keep the NSC active and relevant to your needs in a changing and sometimes challenging world.

We will keep you posted!  Take care.

Mike Jull RPF
President / Chair
Northern Silviculture Committee Society