Links to Other Forestry Sites

This page will eventually contain links to other non-profit forestry websites.  The links to be included will all be sites that are 1)authority sites, and 2)provide a link to this site on their own links page.

The Importance of Backlinks

A Backlink is a link on someone else’s that points to this website. The LINKS page is more than just a way to give your readers places to go find other information. It plays a key role in establishing a site’s authority. Having sites like Ministry of Forests or the ABCFP create a permanent link to this site gives greatly increased relevance in search results. It is actually critical to this site being the authority site on silviculture.

Links From Friends on Twitter

We put out a tweet asking for our friends on Twitter to put a link on their page in exchange for a link on this page.

Our first link comes from ForetNordique who wrote,

“You are now on my links page: Thanks to reciprocate ! Martin”

Foret Nordique

Thank you too, Martin!

Thanks to for the Link

Dear Sir,

Thank for your message, we will link to your page in our

Please create reciprocate link to us too.

Lets bring up “Green” awareness!



Follow Us on Twitter

Thanks to Olalla Diaz of for the Link:

Hi Bill,

I am Olalla Diaz, one of the bloggers of and @ingenioforestal, we are glad to include your link in our blog and if you think that it is a good idea include our link in yours it will be also ok.

Our forestry blog is very wide (in topics) and we are planning to included a new section with videos in English  about Spanish selviculture and forest situation in our country but it is not ready yet. Behind this future project all our material is in Spanish.

If you are interested maybe it would be a good idea to write something about your web page in our blog?

Thank you for contact us.
Best Regards.

Olalla Díaz Yáñez

Suggested Links

Below is a list of websites to request backlinks from.

  • UBC Forestry
  • UNBC
  • CFA
  • BCIT
  • Major Licensees
  • Ministry of Forests
  • Forestry Suppliers
  • American Society of Forests
  • Albertan Foresters site
  • WSCA
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Canadian Forest Service
  • Yukon or NWT forestry sites

This process is underway.