2023 Winter Conference – Revitalizing Forest Landscapes for Multiple Resource Values

March 7-8, 2023
Prince George Civic Centre
Prince George, BC

Draft Agenda

Day 1 – March 7th

 7:30 – Registration/Sign-in
8:30 – Welcome – Dominque Bailey (BCTS)
8:40 – Silviculture that considers more than commercial trees. – Lyle Mortenson (Halfway River First Nation)
9:20 – The Forest Practices Board: Role, Recent Work and Priorities. – Gerry Grant and Marie-Lou Lefrancois (FPB) (Presentation)
10:30 – Reshaping Planted Conifer Stands towards Natural Forest Ecosystems: Modification of Non-mature Hybrid White Spruce Stands to Improve Biodiversity and Wildlife Habitat Function – Carl Pollard and Vanessa Uschenko (College of New Caledonia) (Presentation)
11:15 – Canfor’s Partial Harvesting Program – Janine Gervais (Canfor) (Presentation)
1:00 – Pine stem rust detection and management; through the lens of UAV cameras. – Richard Reich (CNC) (Presentation)
1:45 – Road Rehabilitation – Brandon Geldart (SERNbc) (Presentation)
3:00 – Panel Presentation: Theme – Do partial cutting and post-fire tree planting reduce carbon emissions from the forest sector? (Presentation)
1) Modelling partial harvesting effects on carbon using SORTIE. Dr Alana Clason (Bulkley Valley Research Centre) (Presentation)
2) Modelling landscape-scale impacts of partial harvesting in Northern British Columbia’s Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICH) forest. Dr. Flora Krivak-Tetley (UBC) (Presentation)
3) Forest carbon recovery after fire. Dr. Alana Clason (BVRC) (Presentation)
4:30 – Close
6:00 – Banquet dinner

Day 2 – March 8th

8:30 – Off-site reforestation trials to support implementation of climate-change informed species
selection in northern BC.
– Hardy Greisbauer and Will Mackenzie (MOF) (Presentation)
9:15 – Best Management Practices for Whitebark Pine – Don Pigott, Randy Moody and Francis Iredale (Presentation)
10:30 – Examining the use and silvicultural performance of planted black spruce, tamarack, and hybrid white spruce on cold wet sites in central and northern Interior BC. – Mike Jull (Aleza Lake Research Forest) (Presentation)
10:55 – Together For Wildlife? “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” – Frank Doyle (Wildlife Dynamics) and Mike Buirs (retired) (Presentation)
11:35 – Annual General Meeting
1:00 – Wildlife habitat – Dexter Hodder (John Prince Research Forest) (Presentation)
1:45 – Closing remarks