2022 Fall Field Tour – Quesnel BC

After several years of online programming due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are pleased to announce that our Northern Silviculture Committee (NSC) team is planning to deliver an in-person fall field tour on Tuesday, September 20 – Wednesday, September 21, 2022 in Quesnel, BC.

The forests in Quesnel are as diverse as the Indigenous peoples whose traditional territory in which we work. Managing the silviculture both west and east of the Fraser is challenging in different ways due to the terrain, Natural Disturbance Types (NDT) and the management of broadleaves. West of the Fraser we are within the traditional territory of the Nazko people and are often managing for natural regeneration and frequent stand-initiation wildfires in the NDT3. East of the Fraser we are within the traditional territory of the Lhtako people are managing with planting, and rare stand-initiating wildfires in the NDT1. However, in both areas broadleaf competition is managed using a conifer to brush ratio. Forest management challenges include a decrease in timber supply, increase in wildfires, focus on non-conifer centric forests, and healthy forests for the future.
The 2022 Field tour will focus on wildfire rehabilitation, broadleaf management, and silviculture techniques for not only conifer tree production, but for other important values and to ensure a healthy forest.

  • Day 1 (Tues. Sept 20th, 8am – 5pm) will be West of the Fraser on the Honolulu Road and near Nazko.
  • Day 2 (Wed. Sept 21st, 8am – 4pm) will be East of the Fraser on the 1300 road within Tree Farm License (TFL) 52 out near Cottonwood.

Delegate – $250.00
Student rate – $175.00

To Register: https://event-wizard.com/NSC2022FallFieldTour/0/register/