2018 Fall Field Tour

Forest practices innovation in the Northwest BC Interior-Coastal Transition:On-the-ground innovation for a changing timber landbase and climate.

When: September 18-19, 2018
Where: Terrace/Smithers, BC

The NSC field tour this year will feature visits to sites at two different locations in Northwestern British Columbia – Hazelton and Terrace.


Day 1 – Hazelton

Depart Terrace: 7:30 am (Skeena Landing – commuter parking lot)
Arrive Hazelton: 9:00-9:15 am (FLNRORD Vehicle Compound)
Depart Hazelton for field stops: 9:30 am

1) An examination of Partial Cutting systems in the Date Creek Research Forest. What have we learned? (Erica Lilles, Dave Coates, et al.)

The Date Creek Research Forest was established in the early 1990’s to examine alternatives to traditional clear-cutting.

“The overall goal of the Date Creek silvicultural systems study is to better understand ecosystem function and to help develop silvicultural systems that maintain biological diversity, hydrological integrity of watersheds, wildlife habitat and wood production.”

2) Assisted migration of non-native tree species into the ICHmc subzone. (Barry Jaquish)

A visit to a species trial established in 1988 with host Barry Jaquish who established the trial.

3) 1988 Operational Douglas fir plantation (George Burns)

A visit to operational Douglas Fir plantation established 1988 and discussion concerning species suitability.  How Fdi became a preferred species in the ICHmc2 even though it does not occur here naturally.

Return to Terrace via Hazelton

7:00 pm – BBQ – Terrace (Terrace Curling Club)

Day 2: Terrace

Depart Terrace: 8:00 am

1) Onion Lake – Silviculture for Old-growth attributes – Frank Doyle

2) Commercial Thinning – Kim Haworth – Terrace Community Forest

3) Spaced and non-spaced stands from late 1950’s and early 1960’s. (Rick Brouwer and Kalum Ventures staff).

Return to Terrace: 4:00 pm

Please note that for Day 1 of the tour, since the field stops are in the Hazelton area, attendees will have the option to catch the tour bus either in Terrace or Hazelton. Exact times and locations to be confirmed. Please select your preferred pick up spot on your registration form.

Because the tour is in two locations we have added an option for people to attend only 1 day of the tour if they so choose.

To register: https://event-wizard.com/NSC2018Fall/0/register/